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“When God created us he did some marvelous things, and he instilled in us that we want to love and want to be loved. It’s a basic principle and it’s something we strive for as human beings. The other thing is that we want to be remembered. Memorials allow us to do that.”

–David Bristow, Hogg Memorial Consultants

Thank you for considering Hogg Memorial Consultants.

We know and fully appreciate that you are trusting us with one of the most valuable assets you have – your name. Please know, whether this is your first stop on your journey to finding a memorial artist or if you have already started the process, our only interest in working with you is to design a memorial deserving of and worthy of your trust.

We believe every memorial we design is an investment in a family name, an investment in history. And our process reflects the importance of that.

Selecting a custom memorial for your loved one is a visual process, and an extremely personal one. When you begin working with Hogg Memorial Consultants, we will guide you through a conversation about the person we are memorializing, who they were, what they loved. From there, we’ll show you the many options you have to choose from, many of which are in our monument yard as examples, including your stone, lettering, artwork and size.

Hogg Memorial Consultants is pleased to work with families for private memorials following the loss of a loved one as well as private corporations looking to install monuments or statues in their public and private spaces. Hogg Memorial Consultants has proudly completed projects for the U.S. Naval Academy, Christopher Newport University, Virginia Beach Town Center, The College of William & Mary, and more.

View our gallery showcasing our commercial work here.

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